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Assuage Business Development Company provides business support services for companies with a scalable business model and a vision for regional and global impact.

Our consultancy services help businesses:

1.Strengthen their business model with agility, innovation and digitization as core principles,

2.Transition to digital realities,

3.Unearth new business opportunities, and

4.Develop capacity to sustain growth.

Meet Our Team Leaders


Rawle Rollocks

Director: Business Development and Sales

Mr. Rollocks’ core strengths converge at the crossroads of organizational development, transformational leadership, human development, and SME business development as his life’s passion. Out of this medley, orchestrating the evolution of indigenous institutions with targeted strategic initiatives aligned to a regional and global vision, has become a hallmark of his brand.

Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, his diverse, business experience allows him to employ system’s thinking to identify strategic, tactical and operational areas for better efficacy. Incorporating tailored solutions, clients have experienced quick wins and followed through on medium and long-term initiatives to achieve personal and organizational targets and greater impact. His collaborative approach, yields positive results all-round, including the management of change projects from conception through to successful completion. The more dynamic the scenario, the more he thrives in designing outcomes to meet and exceed client expectations.

Alina Lewis

Director: Operations and Administration

In the role as a Business Coach, Alina Lewis has mentored numerous entrepreneurs and guided them through launching, revamping and even restarting their businesses. With over 15 years of experience in Business Management and having spent the past 12 years as an entrepreneur herself, she is well known for the ability to create interactive learning environments and her success is testament to her proven track record of successful and satisfied clients.

Currently, Alina partners with clients to successfully engage business development services with a keen focus on operational efficiency in the areas of business administration, operations and marketing communication. Her tactical, project-based approach seeks to ensure that clients are able to continuously marry passion and purpose to engage successes daily.

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